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Alistair J. Tan (Left)

COO / Co-Founder / Founding Sales Coach

With nearly 10 years of experience in business operations and software product management, AJ has been around all aspects of what it takes to pitch, build, and scale opportunities. His passion is sharing what he has learned about focusing on customer-centric needs as well as driving measurable results to create winning strategies.

AJ is a Northern California transplant, having traded away from the bitter winters of New England. In his spare time, he is an avid skier, hiker, and Brazilian jiujitsu player. He and his wife have been to 11 national parks In the last 2 years!

Christopher Abouraad (Right)

CEO/ Co-Founder / Founding Sales Coach

Chris is a sales guru with over 8 years of experience in direct sales, partner sales, sales management, and sales coaching. Combining these skills with being a small business owner makes him the ideal coach for our clients’ various sales needs. Chris’ focus on data and big-picture strategy creates a good blend of immediate results and long term success.

Unlike AJ, Chris is still enduring the brutal New England winters. He enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, working with the latest and greatest technology, and connecting with people in any way possible. He is also fluent in two languages, Arabic and English!

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